Switched mode power supplies

BLOCK customers benefit from an extensive standard range of switched mode power supplies for the reliable supply of machines and systems. The Power Compact, Power Mini, Power Vision, and Power Eco Line product lines provide both basic functions as well as comprehensive communications and optimum technical functionality.  Make the most of the efficient, compact and robust features of the Power Mini and Power Compact series. Geared towards meeting high standards, the powerful switched-mode power supplies in the Power Vision series provide maximum power reserves and extensive configuration and monitoring options. Power Eco Line switched mode power supplies are suitable for single-phase use in small control systems.


◼︎  Input voltage: 100 Vac to 500 Vac; 48 Vdc to 94 Vdc
◼︎  Output voltage: 5 Vdc to 60 Vdc
◼︎  Stabilized or adjustable output voltage 
◼︎  Output current: 0,17 to 40 A 
◼︎  Top Boost and Power Boost
◼︎  ePlan

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