Energy storage units

Battery modules from BLOCK provide secure 24 V supplies in the minute and hour range in the event of a power failure. The integrated temperature sensor provides support with calculating the optimum end-of-charge voltage and remaining lifetime. The intelligent battery management thereby guarantees maximum availability with a lifetime of up to 15 years. The modules can be assembled on a wall, and, with a compact design, they are also available for use in control cabinets.

Capacitive energy storage units for longer lifetimes at high ambient temperatures

Ultracapacitor-based capacitive energy storage units offer long lifetimes and therefore more security in 24 V networks, including at high ambient temperatures. The output current can be increased by connecting further capacity modules thanks to the flexible expansion options.


◼︎ Integrated temperature sensor
◼︎ Maximum availability thanks to battery control technology
◼︎ Plug-in spring-loaded connection technology
◼︎ Lifetime of up to 15 years

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